Group Action Marketing, Bookbuilding, Notice and Administration

What we do

allSquare is one of the UK’s leading experts in bookbuilding and marketing for legal group actions (also known as “Class Actions”).

We specialise in bookbuilding for complex financial product group claims and are currently leading the bookbuilding for the Clydesdale (including Yorkshire Bank) and National Australia Bank legal group action relating to Tailored Business Loans and Fixed Rate Business Loans.

What are the benefits of joining the Group Action?

We formed the Legal Group Action in an attempt to secure full and fair redress for affected businesses. While payouts will depend on each claimant’s circumstances, compensation could be significant. Litigation can be costly and daunting, particularly for small businesses who may be put off by the risk of going it alone, hence the use of group litigation.

By grouping businesses together under a single group action, the whole group can benefit from legal economies of scale, such as:

  • A genuine No Win, No Fee pricing structure. You will only pay fees if the action is successful.
  • Group members share documents and information.
  • Full insurance against any adverse costs if the group action is unsuccessful.
  • An expert legal team with experience of dealing with commercial and banking litigation as well as running group actions.

Learn more about group actions and how they work.

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Talk to us about the Clydesdale and Yorkshire Bank Group Action

You have the right to shop around. You do not have to use a Claims Management Company. You should be aware that you may make a claim yourself directly to the financial institution or the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) free of charge. Alternatively, you may wish to seek advice from other non-fee-paying services such as the Citizens Advice Bureau or free Law Centres.

For information on our fees, please refer to our FAQ page.

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