Dentist Whose Business Went Under

  • Business Bank Loan: Capped Rate Tailored Business Loan (TBL)
  • Bank: Clydesdale Bank
  • Region: Somerset
  • Business Sector: Healthcare
  • Claim Amount: £250,000
  • Year Loan Taken Out: 2005

If your company has been dissolved you can still join the Legal Group Action. Don’t be left without the compensation you are entitled to.

Daniel Hall, MD, allSquare

Rachel Sampson was a dentist in Bath for 20 years. She had a fixed rate tailored business loan from Clydesdale Bank to help her in the early days of her business. She read about the group action in the Financial Times and wondered about joining.

Some time passed and increasing financial pressure meant that she had to dissolve the business. Although she continued to hear about the group action she presumed that because her business had been dissolved she would not be able to join. After speaking to a friend who had recently joined the group action, she decided to call us for an informal discussion.

We realised together that because her loan was taken out in 2005 and the financial pressure of the increasing monthly payments was a contributory factor to her business closing, she would be able to make a substantial claim. Ms Sampson felt a sense of relief that she was able to come together with other businesses to seek justice from Clydesdale Bank and joined the group on October 2020.

Is your company dissolved? Did you have a TBL from Clydesdale or Yorkshire Bank? Check whether you’re eligible to join the Legal Group Action.

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