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allSquare specialises in helping business owners claim back the money that they are owed from mis-sold business loans. Our legal team are experts in business claims and dedicated to helping businesses reclaim mis-sold financial products.

Fixed Rate Business Loans

Fixed Rate Business Loans were a popular choice for businesses looking to develop their company. Customers were not always fully informed of the risks, thus leading to mis-selling. Those who were unclear of the risks were unable to fully assess the suitability of the loan for their business.

Read more about Fixed Rate Business Loan claims.

Tailored Business Loans

The most common Tailored Business Loan is the Variable Rate Business Loan, which contains hidden risks that make it more difficult to exit, once it has been taken out. TBLs combine both a commercial loan and an embedded or hidden hedging product within the loan. It is the embedded nature of the hedging product that makes TBLs differ from standalone interest rate hedging products such as Swaps, Collars and Caps.

Tailored Business Loans were specific to Clydesdale and Yorkshire Bank. They were designed to help businesses avoid rises in interest rates but when the base rate dropped, these businesses were left paying the higher rate. Those who wished to pay off the loan were told they’d need to pay break costs. If you had a Tailored Business Loans, you could have a claim. You may also be eligible to join the Legal Group Action against Clydesdale and Yorkshire Bank.

If you think that you could have been mis-sold a business loan, please contact our legal team now on 0800 083 0286.

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