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PPI Claims for Business

Both business and commercial PPI has been mis-sold to UK customers in the past and, at allSquare, our legal team is dedicated to helping people like you to identify whether you’re are a victim of mis-sold PPI, as well as helping you to claim for compensation.

Here are a number of scenarios where you might have been mis-sold PPI:

  • If you have taken out a business loan and you were not aware that PPI was included or was optional.
  • PPI was added to your business loan without your knowledge.
  • If the cost of PPI was not properly explained to you, or your suitability for business PPI was not properly assessed.
  • If you felt pressurised into adding PPI to your business loan.
  • If the cost of business PPI was not properly explained to you.
  • If the exit fee and any limitations or exclusions of the business PPI policy were not properly explained to you. If you were not told, or made clearly aware of the fact, that if you were to cancel or repay the loan earlier, you may be entitled to a partial refund.

Banks that have been known to have improperly promoted Business PPI and Commercial PPI include:

  • Lloyds TSB Bank (Business Loan Repayment Insurance)
  • Bank of Scotland
  • Barclays
  • Royal Bank of Scotland
  • National Westminster Bank
  • Santander
  • HSBC.

If you think that you’ve been mis-sold a business PPI loan, then please contact our legal team now on 0800 083 0286.

allSquare Business PPI Claim Services

Our team of legal professionals can help you to identify whether you were mis-sold PPI as well as help you to claim compensation. We cover all of the below:

Consequential Loss

Often associated with mis-sold financial products such as a Swap, Tailored Business Loan, Fixed Rate Business Loan or Foreign Exchange Product, Consequential Loss is an indirect loss that is incurred as a consequence of mis-sold PPI.

Fixed Rate Business Loan

A popular choice for businesses looking to develop their company, Fixed Rate Business Loans were offered by a range of high street banks and building societies.

Foreign Exchange Loan

Internationally trading businesses would often use a Foreign Exchange product hedging arrangement with their bank to protect themselves against fluctuating currencies.

Swap and IRHP

Interest Rate Hedging Products, separate from other bank loans, may have been mis-sold to unsuspecting UK businesses.

Tailored Business Loan

A sum of money which was lent to a business by a bank or building society and payable over a period time with interest. The most common Tailored Business Loan is the Variable Rate Business Loan, which contains hidden risks that make it more difficult to exit, once it has been taken out.

If you think that you could have been mis-sold a business PPI loan then please contact our legal team now on 0800 083 0286.

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